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Too often, we find ourselves planted in front of the television not engaging in each other s lives, relying too much on technology. Games like the Wii, and light-gamer favorites found on cell phones distract us and before realize it, we have gone hours and sometimes days without making significant eye contact. These distractions can tear apart the foundation of our family, and more and more parents are coming to realize this is true. As a result, they are making the decision to invest in a game that will give family members time and opportunity to make memories, engaging with each other face to face. One very popular in-home recreation investment is the air hockey table.

Air hockey tables are the things that the childhood memories of many adults are filled with, as they were at their pique in terms of popularity in the late 1970's and mid-1980's. Children of the '70s and '80s would play with friends at local arcades and college dorms, volleying air hockey pucks at mid speeds, enjoying hours of fun. Today s tables are not those of your childhood. They are fast, utilizing modern technology to reduce friction and increase speeds dramatically, in part to better air blower motors and more advanced air hockey pucks. Look into Sportcraft and Carrom tables to bring that same fun and excitement back to your family s lives.

Most air hockey pucks are made out of polycarbonate resin called Lexan, which provides for a very light weight puck that glides over the cushion of air on the table. The standard pucks designed for in-home use are usually between 6-20 grams in weight, and around 2 inches in width, which makes them nice and light weight. Commercial or professional pucks are what are traditionally used in bars or restaurants and those are usually 3 inches and thicker than your standard or home air puck, so make you purchase the right ones. Air hockey pucks also can come in a variety of colors from your traditional reds and blues to more daring neon colors to liven up your game. Also some pucks can even come in fluorescent colors which are a blast especially if you have a black light in your game room.

Along with offering different colors of air hockey pucks, today s manufacturers also offer a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses as well in their selection of pucks, from paper thin to a little thicker, the choice is yours. Another new feature is that they even offer pucks in different shapes from your traditional circle or eclipse shaped disk. Some of the new shapes include triangles, hexagons, and octagons.

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